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There’s never been a better time to see how you could use a skill you use almost every day, as part of your work or leisure, to help start earning a tidy Extra – or even Main – Income!

In these uncertain times, it makes good sense to try and develop additional ways of earning a living ... and what better than to use the experience you’ve already gained - in a job, or hobby - to make money from Writing..! Whether you just ‘like to’ (or have to) write, to send out business or personal emails, or letters, etc – your current skills could help you make a good living for yourself, and combat any job uncertainties. And if you’re already an established Writer, we’ll help you discover many new ways to increase your income from Writing - in this ‘W2P’ Writer’s Website and Blog.  

Right now, there are more Paid Writing Opportunities around than ever before!

What kind of Writing could YOU earn money from ..?

Whether you’d be interested in writing Articles, Letters, Product Descriptions, Reviews, or Ads, or a Blog – or you’re more into writing Short Stories, ‘’Fillers’, e-Books, general Fiction or Non-Fiction, or simply Reader’s Letters – there’ll be an income opportunity to cover it - and we’ll help you find it! You should be pleased to know these have NOTHING to do with ‘Get Rich Quick’ Schemes or borderline Biz Opps’. We only deal with genuine Paid Writing opportunities we hear about from well-established Authors and professional Writers who have each used their own products to make a living.  

Not a ‘Professional’ Writer..? That won’t stop you from earning!

For many of the money-making Writing outlets we’ve discovered, you do NOT have to be an experienced Writer to benefit. Our ‘W2P’ Site will help with improving your writing to get better results, through regular articles and training advice, and many of the opportunities and freelance offers also include guidelines, help articles, tips and reviews to help you progress.

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As well as helping you make money from Writing, we’d also like to get your comments on any W2P-BLOG topics we include. We’ll also invite you to submit YOUR Articles, plus reviews of other Sites, Blogs, E-Books or Writing/Internet developments you’ve discovered - on our new BLOG - Update Pages. AND we’ll feature regular short reviews of *your submitted Websites, Blogs or Products you’ve created, and submitted, for all to see. A valuable source of promotion! You can advertise your Website as well!

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Write for Cash! Here's a 'taster' of some of the best opportunities you'll discover in this Site, and our 'W2P' Blog Update, that can help you earn an extra income from Writing.


                          The publishing world has                           already undergone its biggest                           ever ‘revolution’ with the move                           to electronic (E-Book) Publishing                           and specifically to the Kindle                           Publishing Platform - now the  most powerful and popular E-book format in  the world.

  As a Writer (or even a ‘Wannabee’ Writer)   the Kindle publishing platform brings   enormous benefits:

   It’s quicker and easier to get Published - no more sending off manuscripts and waiting months for a reply (or rejection slip – or no reply at all)!

    You set your own prices; you get paid up to 70% in royalties – AND, you get listed in the Amazon catalogue.

    You retain total creative control over your book… The benefits are ENDLESS.

  NOW is the time to get in on the action -   

  so if you haven’t tried getting published on   the Kindle yet, start investigating it NOW.

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Special ‘Get Published’ Feature - today!

            25 Ways To Earn ££££’s as a              Writer Working From Home ...

                           Earn ‘Big Bucks’ as a Writer                             - working from home! This                             straightforward E-Book covers                             25 proven ways to make a                             good living from your                             writing, including Blogging,                             Copywriting, freelance                             Articles, and much more.


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           How to Become a 'Wealthy                                 Writer'...

                              This is one of the largest (142                                page) E-Books on ‘Making                                Money From Writing’ and                                it's certainly one of the most                                detailed Guides there is for                                explaining WHERE to find                                the best Paid Writing   opportunities, and WHAT to do to start   earning from them - quickly!         

           Click here for more details...

           Discover how to live the ‘Laptop             Lifestyle’ - and  Earn as you Learn.

                                                                                  Ruth Barringham has been living                             the ‘Laptop Lifestyle' as a                             successful Writer for many                             years. In this revealing E-Book,                             she includes many hard-won                             tips on earning from freelance                             Writing and Publishing,    including using the Kindle Publishing    system (and her ‘step-by-step’ method of how    she got published on Kindle). Ruth is a close    Writing associate of Nick Daws, and    certainly knows what she's talking about!    Find out more ...

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           Uncover these ‘hidden’ Niche             Markets that are crying out for                         Writers like you!

                        The great thing is – for most of                          these Writing Jobs, experience                          is NOT essential - and the VAST                          MAJORITY of established Writers                          have NO IDEA about these little-                          known writing markets...  

   Nick Daws' Quick Cash Writing Course’    can help you ‘unlock’ these markets that    ALWAYS need Writers - for short Story    Writing, Travel Writing, Articles, Tie-Breakers,    and more!) and will pay VERY WELL for your    services...

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            Get your Website noticed - with this              powerful Internet Copywriting              formula ...

   Your success as a Writer today depends more    than ever on having a responsive Website to    promote your Writing, and get a good    number of visitors who eventually buy your    products or services. It also depends on    knowing the difference between Online and    Offline Promotional Writing.

   ‘Power Copwriting’ reveals internationally    acclaimed Copywriter Bob Sterling’s 31-step    Internet Copywriting Formula which has    already proved to increase sales and profits of    many small and large concerns across the    globe. Learn these methods - all revealed in    Bob’s 149-page E-Program - and you’ll also    quickly see better results from your Website    promotions, whether you’re a ‘one-Writer    band’ or running a business.

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  Writing Guides Pages...       

                         How the KINDLE Publishing                      Revolution has made it               QUICKER and EASIER to become           a Published Author Today!




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